TSGA Featured Artists

At each monthly meeting TSGA member artists entertain us. Here are our recent Featured Artists.

From the July 2016 meeting:

David Wright, as always, put on a great set! He had Rebecca, "Red", with him to sing some great tunes. David was telling us he is getting a new guitar. It is an MSA, black with Harley-Davidson orange flames. He said it is beautiful! I'm guessing that TSGA Hall of Fame member, Mark Giles, made the body. I can't wait to see it. David shared an outstanding set. Thanks, David!!

Dennis Bailey came and shared steel guitar and did a super job. Dennis had moved to the Austin area, but has moved back to the Burleson area. He has taken on a new trade besides playing the steel, and is now repairing RVs. He is still working with several groups, including Jake Penrod. Dennis plays a Mullen steel. Thanks to Dennis for being with us!